Oceanside Brewing Co.



The purpose of Oceanside Brewing Company is to bring a unique craft brew experience to our local community and beyond. 

Blending old school techniques that celebrate the history of brewing while adding in a new school flavor. From Ales to Lagers to Barleywines and everything in between. All created with a lot of love and Oceanside flavor.

About OBC


What started as home brewing hobby in a backyard has turned into Oceanside's signature spot for small batched brews.

Oceanside brewing company was founded by Tomas Bryant who turned his passion for home brewing into Oceanside Brewing Company. 


Tomas started home brewing in the early 2000’s, growing his knowledge and passion for the craft, while adding a creative flavor to all he brews. 


After obtaining success in home brewing and as the craft brew industry started to rise in San Diego, it came time to take the next step and open a brewery. Tomas and friends began building OBC from the ground up. And the rest is history.


What was once a auto shop has been turned into a inland beach oasis. On the surface it has lots of color, bright energy, and ocean vibes. 

Dig a little deeper and you'll see the layers of art, history, and culture that is looming in the air. 

Different styles of art peeping out from every corner. From the mesmerizing glacial painting above the bar that draws you in. To the unique bathroom mural that's a refreshing burst of color and shapes. With splashes of local artist from wall to wall.


There is the essence of music felt throughout the air. The bongo drums and guitars settled next to the bar that are asking for a impromptu jam session. To the stage nestled on the patio calling for its next performance.  




Not only are their beers hand-crafted but so is the entire bar. Every piece of this space showcases part of the owners, their passions, and their lives.

Even the wood used has its own story. As a Del Mar lifeguard, Tomas, was able to rescue some wood floating in our local oceans which was transformed into our main bar. To wood driven down directly from Oregon, Tomas' hometown to create unique wood table tops. 

To add extra touch of history the wood creating the rest of the bar was originally used for WWII shipping containers.

Oceanside Brewing Company is more than just a brewery its a hub for creativity, passion, history, and great brews. An experience that must be felt not just read about.

Meet the team


Tomas Bryant

the artist

Owner, Brewer

Brewer, impromptu wordsmith and vinyl master. A lover of art and expression. He brings the artistic touch you see woven through OBC.



the science guy


Ryan spends his days as a science teacher but his weekends belong to the brews.


As our resident Saturday bartender, come on in to get all your science questions answered!  



the law man


Fighting for justice by day and slinging brews by night. 


While he spends his days billing clients, Mike stills finds time to be part of the OBC family. 



the michelada man


By day, you can find DJ surfing the local spots and at his day job as a  machinist wizard.  

DJ is our head michelada mixologist and helps operate our Open Mic Thursdays.


the tech guy


Tech Guru

Keith helps keep OBC running smoothly behind the scenes with his tech-savvy knowledge.


chef de exquisite



Joey is a professional chef by training and a most excellent dad and family man.


You can find Joey behind the bar on Thursdays and on special occasions serving up tasty grub on the back patio.


Savannah + Arlo
the resident pups


Furry Friends

Savannah is our behind-the-scenes pup. You can find her assisting on early morning brew days and handling back office operations.

Arlo manages the back patio. You can find him by your feet, asking you to throw his toy nonstop.