Fly away          with us...

Five hand-crafted flights.



At Oceanside Brewing Company, we set out to take your craft brewery experience to the next level. Creating a flight experience that surpasses anything you’ve tried thus far.

Inspired by Oceanside's rich military history and by the Oceanside Airport, that’s a short distance away. We've handcrafted 5 flights that pay homage to some of the greatest aircrafts and ships throughout military history and our community.

The Wing, 5

A aviation twist on your traditional flight. The Wing, serves up 5 tasters and is styled after a traditional airplane wing but with Oceanside flair. 

The Battleship, 9

Designed in honor of the World's Greatest Battleships.

Serving up 9 tasters, this is the perfect flight for the beer enthusiast.

The Barron, 14

Paying homage to the legendary WWI flyin' ace, the "Red Barron". This flight serves up 14 tasters that's not only bad ass in its history but also in its unique design. Making it the picture perfect flight for all you photo enthusiast. 


The Bomber, 18

Modeled after the notorious bomber military aircraft, made infamous in WWII.

Just like the original bombers, this flight is sure to drop some heavy artillery with 18 tasters on board and is best served with friends. 

The Carrier, 22

Representing San Diego, the Carrier is modeled after the USS Midway that resides in Point Loma, Ca. 

This flight raises the bar from anything you've tried thus far. Serving up 22 tasters this is the best way to try all of OBC brews on tap. It's so monumental it is best shared with friends.